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Behavioral Health

What Is Behavioral Health In Juneau, AK?

While unpleasant, issues such as tantrums, feeling sad about missing a birthday party or being anxious about an upcoming test are all normal parts of childhood; however, it’s important to be able to recognize when these emotions and behaviors are actually a sign of a much bigger issue. This is when you may wish to turn to our team of pediatricians for answers.

It isn’t always as easy as you might think to be able to tell whether your child is dealing with a mental health problem. After all, emotional and behavioral ups and downs are just part of life. However, here are some warning signs that there might be something more going on in your child or teen:

  • They are exhibiting extreme emotions (e.g. anxiety; anger; sadness)
  • They are exhibiting sudden changes in behavior (e.g. not sleeping; not eating; being destructive)
  • Their behaviors and emotions are negatively impacting their life, whether at school, home or within relationships

It’s important that mental health disorders are treated as soon as possible by a medical professional to prevent these problems from getting worse. If your child is displaying symptoms of anxiety, depression, attention problems or anger it’s a good idea to talk with one of our pediatricians to find out if your child may require further evaluation.

Here at Glacier Pediatrics, our team of friendly, caring and compassionate pediatricians work with children and teens who are dealing with a wide range of behavioral and mental health disorders including sleep problems, fits of anger, eating disorders, depression and anxiety, ADHD and conduct disorder. We provide diagnostic screenings and medical treatment to children and teens dealing with these conditions, and we also work closely with other experts including psychologists and psychiatrists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and more to ensure that your child is getting the proper care they need not just to manage symptoms but to lead a happy, healthy life.

Our team of pediatricians also work closely within the school district and with regional specialists such as Orion Behavioral Health, Behavior Matters, REACH Infant Learning Program and other youth services. If your child is receiving pharmacological treatment then you can expect to bring them into the office at least once a year at our clinic, which follow-ups occurring every six months either in person or through a simple telemedicine visit.

Concerned about your child’s outbursts or other behaviors? If so, the team at Glacier Pediatrics in Juneau, AK can answer your questions and provide a comprehensive evaluation to find out what’s going on. Call us at (907) 586-1542.


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