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Hospital Affiliation

Bartlett Regional Hospital

Glacier Pediatrics’ medical providers work with Bartlett Regional Hospital to meet all patient needs. Labs, Imaging and Emergent Care are handled through Bartlett Regional Hospital. Our providers are notified of your child’s results and condition and continue to work closely with Bartlett Regional Hospital. Our Pediatrician on-call will attend to your child if he or she is admitted into Bartlett Regional Hospital for further care.

Our Pediatrician, Amy Dressel, will meet your little one in the hospital after Delivery to provide support for you and your child. After Hospital Discharge, our providers continue to care for your child with regular routine visits in office at Glacier Pediatrics. For those children born outside of Bartlett Regional Hospital, our providers are available to care for your child.

Other Medical Resources

Glacier Pediatrics’ medical providers routinely consult with Seattle Children’s Hospital and Anchorage Providence Hospital. Our providers refer patients to a variety of specialty practices and works closely with your child’s specialist to provide the best healthcare. Our major referral destinations include but are not limited to Anchorage, Juneau and Seattle.


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